For enabling android emulator in windows PCs users need to enable virtualization settings VT-x enabled in the BIOS of the PC.

After enabling this user usually get their virtual ready to test the android apps on virtual devices.

But in many cases even after enabling VT-x setting i.e. virtualization settings Android Studio or Visual Studio Code shows errors related to HAXM not installed.

To resolve this you need to downgrade the HAXM version to 7.1.0. For this you need to uninstall already installed version from SDK manager and then re-install HAXM 7.1.0 to use virtual devices in Android Studio or Visual Studio Code.

How to Unstalling HAXM from windows PC?

Steps to Uninstall HAXM, go to Tools>SDK Manager>SDK Tools down below in the list uncheck the HAXM installer, and finish.

This will uninstall the existing version of HAXM and then you can install the HAXM 7.1.0.

Restart the Android Studio and problem will be resolved.

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