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Fractional Bandwidth (FBW) of Antenna

The fractional bandwidth of an antenna is a proportion of how wideband the antenna is.

Assuming the antenna works at centre frequency fc between lower cutoff frequency fL and upper cutoff frequency fh (where fc=(fL+fH)/2), then, at that point, the fractional bandwidth FBW is given by:

formula to calculate the fractional bandwidth of an antenna

fractional bandwidth is an element of the range and the centre frequency.

The fractional bandwidth differs somewhere in the range of 0 and 2, and is frequently cited as a rate (somewhere in the range of 0% and 200%).

The higher the rate, the more extensive the bandwidth.

Wideband antennas normally have a Fractional Bandwidth of 20% or more.

Antennas with a FBW of more noteworthy than half are alluded to as super wideband antennas.

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