This post give the Springer Nature Journals list which are fully open access. This list shows e-ISSN, Default open access license, and Article Processing Charges(APCs).

Journal titleeISSNDefault licenseLanguageEURUSDGBPwebsite
3D Printing in Medicine2365-6271CC BY + CC0EN139016901190 
AAPPS Bulletin2309-4710CC BYEN157018701290 
AAPS Open2364-9534CC BYEN129015701060 
Acta Epileptologica2524-4434CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Acta Neuropathologica Communications2051-5960CC BY + CC0EN269031702390 
Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica1751-0147CC BY + CC0EN219025901790 
Addiction Science & Clinical Practice1940-0640CC BY + CC0EN209024901790 
Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences2213-7467CC BYEN12901490990 
Advances in Aerodynamics2524-6992CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Advances in Bridge Engineering2662-5407CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Advances in Difference Equations1687-1847CC BYEN129015701060 
Advances in Rheumatology2523-3106CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Advances in Simulation2059-0628CC BY + CC0EN199023901490 
African Journal of Urology1961-9987CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Agricultural and Food Economics2193-7532CC BYEN10301270870 
Agriculture & Food Security2048-7010CC BY + CC0EN157018901390 
AI in Civil Engineering2730-5392CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
AI Perspectives2523-398XCC BYEN129015701060 
AIDS Research and Therapy1742-6405CC BY + CC0EN219026901790 
Ain-Shams Journal of Anesthesiology2090-925XCC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Algorithms for Molecular Biology1748-7188CC BY + CC0EN179021901490 
Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology1710-1492CC BY + CC0EN209025901790 
Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy1758-9193CC BY + CC0EN279034902390 
AMB Express2191-0855CC BYEN199023901690 
Animal Biotelemetry2050-3385CC BY + CC0EN157018701390 
Animal Diseases2731-0442CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Animal Microbiome2524-4671CC BYEN139017901060 
Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials1476-0711CC BY + CC0EN229027901890 
Annals of General Psychiatry1744-859XCC BY + CC0EN209024901690 
Annals of Intensive Care2110-5820CC BYEN249029902090 
Annals of Microbiology1869-2044CC BYEN169019901390 
Annals of Pediatric Surgery2090-5394CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control2047-2994CC BY + CC0EN229027901890 
Applied Biological Chemistry2468-0842CC BYEN750920590 
Applied Cancer Research1980-5578CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Applied Microscopy2287-4445CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Applied Network Science2364-8228CC BYEN9901190790 
Applied Petrochemical Research2190-5533CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Applied Water Science2190-5495CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Arabian Journal of Mathematics2193-5351CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Archives of Physiotherapy2057-0082CC BY + CC0ENsee websitesee websitesee website
Archives of Public Health2049-3258CC BY + CC0EN209024901790 
Arthritis Research & Therapy1478-6362CC BY + CC0EN249029902090 
Arthroplasty2524-7948CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Asia Pacific Physics Review2309-4710CC BYEN157018701390 
Asian Journal of Sustainability and Social Responsibility2365-6417CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Asian-Pacific Journal of Second and Foreign Language Education2363-5169CC BYEN10601190860 
Asthma Research and Practice2054-7064CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
Autonomous Intelligent Systems2730-616XCC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Avian Research2053-7166CC BY + CC0ENsee websitesee websitesee website
Basic and Clinical Andrology2051-4190CC BY + CC0EN219025901890 
BDJ Open2056-807XCC BYEN239028901990 
Behavioral and Brain Functions1744-9081CC BY + CC0EN229027901890 
Beni-Suef University Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences2314-8543CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
BioData Mining1756-0381CC BY + CC0EN189023901690 
Bioelectronic Medicine2332-8886CC BYEN187022901570 
Biological Procedures Online1480-9222CC BY + CC0EN238028902040 
Biological Research0717-6287CC BY + CC0EN189022901570 
Biology Direct1745-6150CC BY + CC0EN199023901690 
Biology of Sex Differences2042-6410CC BY + CC0EN219026901890 
Biomarker Research2050-7771CC BY + CC0EN239028902090 
Biomaterials Research2055-7124CC BY + CC0EN179021901490 
Biomedical Dermatology2398-8460CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
BioMedical Engineering OnLine1475-925XCC BY + CC0EN189022901570 
BioPsychoSocial Medicine1751-0759CC BY + CC0EN209024901690 
Bioresources and Bioprocessing2197-4365CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Biotechnology for Biofuels1754-6834CC BY + CC0EN229027901990 
Blood Cancer Journal2044-5385CC BYEN358044803060 
BMC Anesthesiology1471-2253CC BY + CC0EN199023901690 
BMC Bioinformatics1471-2105CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
BMC Biology1741-7007CC BY + CC0EN269032902290 
BMC Biomedical Engineering2524-4426CC BY + CC0EN11901390860 
BMC Biotechnology1472-6750CC BY + CC0EN189022901570 
BMC Cancer1471-2407CC BY + CC0EN217025701790 
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders1471-2261CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
BMC Chemistry2661-801XCC BY + CC0EN189022901570 
BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies2662-7671CC BY + CC0EN204024901790 
BMC Developmental Biology1471-213XCC BY + CC0EN189022901570 
BMC Ecology and Evolution2730-7182CC BY + CC0EN189022901570 
BMC Emergency Medicine1471-227XCC BY + CC0EN169020901490 
BMC Endocrine Disorders1472-6823CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
BMC Family Practice1471-2296CC BY + CC0EN199023901790 
BMC Gastroenterology1471-230XCC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
BMC Genomic Data2730-6844CC BY + CC0EN133016501110 
BMC Genomics1471-2164CC BY + CC0EN199023801570 
BMC Geriatrics1471-2318CC BY + CC0EN209024901690 
BMC Health Services Research1472-6963CC BY + CC0EN217025701790 
BMC Immunology1471-2172CC BY + CC0EN219025901790 
BMC Infectious Diseases1471-2334CC BY + CC0EN199023801690 
BMC Medical Education1472-6920CC BY + CC0EN179021701570 
BMC Medical Ethics1472-6939CC BY + CC0EN139016901190 
BMC Medical Genomics1755-8794CC BY + CC0EN219025901790 
BMC Medical Imaging1471-2342CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making1472-6947CC BY + CC0EN189022901570 
BMC Medical Research Methodology1471-2288CC BY + CC0EN219025901790 
BMC Medicine1741-7015CC BY + CC0EN289035802490 
BMC Microbiology1471-2180CC BY + CC0EN187022901570 
BMC Molecular and Cell Biology2661-8850CC BY + CC0EN189022901570 
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders1471-2474CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
BMC Nephrology1471-2369CC BY + CC0EN199023901690 
BMC Neurology1471-2377CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
BMC Neuroscience1471-2202CC BY + CC0EN219026901890 
BMC Nursing1472-6955CC BY + CC0EN199023901790 
BMC Nutrition2055-0928CC BY + CC0EN149017901290 
BMC Ophthalmology1471-2415CC BY + CC0EN189023901570 
BMC Oral Health1472-6831CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
BMC Palliative Care1472-684XCC BY + CC0EN219025901790 
BMC Pediatrics1471-2431CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology2050-6511CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
BMC Plant Biology1471-2229CC BY + CC0EN199023801690 
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth1471-2393CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
BMC Proceedings1753-6561CC BY + CC0EN189022901690 
BMC Psychiatry1471-244XCC BY + CC0EN219025901790 
BMC Psychology2050-7283CC BY + CC0EN10601290860 
BMC Public Health1471-2458CC BY + CC0EN229025701870 
BMC Pulmonary Medicine1471-2466CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
BMC Research Notes1756-0500CC BY + CC0EN133016501110 
BMC Rheumatology2520-1026CC BY + CC0EN129015701060 
BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation2052-1847CC BY + CC0EN189022901690 
BMC Surgery1471-2482CC BY + CC0EN209025901790 
BMC Urology1471-2490CC BY + CC0EN199023901690 
BMC Veterinary Research1746-6148CC BY + CC0EN219025901790 
BMC Women’s Health1472-6874CC BY + CC0EN199023901690 
BMC Zoology2056-3132CC BY + CC0EN129014901060 
Bone Research2095-6231CC BYEN239028902090 
Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation2051-6673CC BY + CC0EN179020901570 
Botanical Studies1999-3110CC BYEN174521451370 
Boundary Value Problems1687-2770CC BYEN129015701060 
Brain Informatics2198-4026CC BYEN790990690 
Breast Cancer Research1465-542XCC BY + CC0EN279033802380 
Built Heritage2662-6802CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Bulletin of Faculty of Physical Therapy2536-9660CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Bulletin of the National Research Centre2522-8307CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
CABI Agriculture and Bioscience2662-4044CC BY + CC0EN10601290860 
Cancer & Metabolism2049-3002CC BY + CC0EN229026901990 
Cancer Cell International1475-2867CC BY + CC0EN229027901990 
Cancer Convergence2366-6196CC BY + CC0EN9901190860 
Cancer Imaging1470-7330CC BY + CC0EN189022901690 
Cancer Nanotechnology1868-6966CC BY + CC0EN149017901290 
Canine Medicine and Genetics2662-9380CC BY + CC0EN119013901060 
Carbon Balance and Management1750-0680CC BY + CC0EN129015701190 
Cardiology and Therapy2193-6544CC BY-NCEN4500 (RSF)5100 (RSF)3485 (RSF) 
Cardio-Oncology2057-3804CC BY + CC0EN209024901690 
Cardiovascular Diabetology1475-2840CC BY + CC0EN279033802490 
Cardiovascular Ultrasound1476-7120CC BY + CC0EN219026901790 
Cell & Bioscience2045-3701CC BY + CC0EN199023901570 
Cell Communication and Signaling1478-811XCC BY + CC0EN279033802390 
Cell Death & Disease2041-4889CC BYEN329041702790 
Cell Death Discovery2058-7716CC BYEN179020901570 
Cell Discovery2056-5968CC BYEN238028902040 
Cell Division1747-1028CC BY + CC0EN229027901990 
Cell Regeneration2045-9769CC BY + CC0ENsee websitesee websitesee website
Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters1689-1392CC BYEN189022901690 
Cerebellum & Ataxias2053-8871CC BY + CC0EN179020901570 
Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture2196-5641CC BY + CC0EN189022901690 
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health1753-2000CC BY + CC0EN209025901790 
Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering2192-8258CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Chinese Medicine1749-8546CC BY + CC0ENsee websitesee websitesee website
Chinese Neurosurgical Journal2057-4967CC BY + CC0ENsee websitesee websitesee website
Chiropractic & Manual Therapies2045-709XCC BY + CC0ENsee websitesee websitesee website
City, Territory and Architecture2195-2701CC BYEN790990690 
Clinical and Molecular Allergy1476-7961CC BY + CC0EN179021901490 
Clinical Diabetes and Endocrinology2055-8260CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
Clinical Epigenetics1868-7083CC BY + CC0EN249029902090 
Clinical Hypertension2056-5909CC BY + CC0ENsee websitesee websitesee website
Clinical Phytoscience2199-1197CC BYEN187022901570 
Clinical Proteomics1559-0275CC BY + CC0EN179021901490 
Coaching | Theorie & Praxis2364-5148CC BY (German language version)DEsee websitesee websitesee website
Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications2365-7464CC BYEN11901490990 
Communications Biology2399-3642CC BYEN268032902290 
Communications Chemistry2399-3669CC BYEN268032902290 
Communications Earth & Environment2662-4435CC BYEN229027901990 
Communications Materials2662-4443CC BYEN257031702170 
Communications Medicine2730-664XCC BYEN268032902290 
Communications Physics2399-3650CC BYEN268032902290 
Comparative Migration Studies2214-594XCC BYEN9601180755 
Complex & Intelligent Systems2198-6053CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology2197-7909CC BYEN12901490990 
Computational Social Networks2197-4314CC BYEN9901190860 
Computational Urban Science2730-6852CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Computational Visual Media2096-0662CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Conflict and Health1752-1505CC BY + CC0EN209025901790 
Contraception and Reproductive Medicine2055-7426CC BY + CC0EN179020901570 
Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation1478-7547CC BY + CC0EN189022901570 
Crime Science2193-7680CC BY + CC0EN11901490990 
Critical Care1364-8535CC BY + CC0EN289034902390 
CVIR Endovascular2520-8934CC BYEN129015701190 
Cybersecurity2523-3246CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Data Science and Engineering2364-1541CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Dermatology and Therapy2190-9172CC BY-NCEN5250 (RSF)6000 (RSF)4100 (RSF) 
Diabetes Therapy1869-6961CC BY-NCEN5250 (RSF)6000 (RSF)4100 (RSF) 
Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome1758-5996CC BY + CC0EN209025901790 
Diagnostic and Prognostic Research2397-7523CC BYEN189023901570 
Diagnostic Pathology1746-1596CC BY + CC0EN219025901790 
Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Education Research2662-2300CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Discover Artificial Intelligence2731-0809CC BYEN9901290860 
Discover Chemical Engineering2730-7700CC BYEN9901290860 
Discover Energy2730-7719CC BYEN9901290860 
Discover Food2731-4286CC BYEN9901290860 
Discover Internet of Things2730-7239CC BYEN9901290860 
Discover Materials2730-7727CC BYEN9901290860 
Discover Mental Health2731-4383CC BYEN9901290860 
Discover Oncology2730-6011CC BYEN9901290860 
Discover Social Science and Health2731-0469CC BYEN9901290860 
Discover Sustainability2662-9984CC BYEN9901290860 
Discover Water2730-647XCC BYEN9901290860 
Drugs – Real World Outcomes2198-9788CC BY-NCEN199024501690 
Drugs in R&D1179-6901CC BY-NCEN249030602090 
Earth, Planets and Space1880-5981CC BYEN12001475935 
Ecological Processes2192-1709CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control2536-9342CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences2090-5939CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics2090-2441CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery2520-8225CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine2090-4762CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Egyptian Liver Journal2090-6226CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Egyptian Pediatric Association Gazette2090-9942CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Egyptian Rheumatology and Rehabilitation2090-3235CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
EJNMMI Physics2197-7364CC BYEN169019901390 
EJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry2365-421XCC BYEN139016901190 
EJNMMI Research2191-219XCC BYEN229027901890 
eLight2662-8643CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Emerging Themes in Epidemiology1742-7622CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training1877-6345CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Energy Informatics2520-8942CC BYEN10601290790 
Energy Transitions2520-114XCC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Energy, Sustainability and Society2192-0567CC BY + CC0EN139015701190 
Environmental Evidence2047-2382CC BY + CC0EN189022901690 
Environmental Health1476-069XCC BY + CC0EN229027901890 
Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine1347-4715CC BY + CC0EN174521451370 
Environmental Microbiome2524-6372CC BY + CC0EN169020901390 
Environmental Sciences Europe2190-4715CC BYEN229027901990 
Environmental Systems Research2193-2697CC BYEN179021901490 
Epigenetics & Chromatin1756-8935CC BY + CC0EN219026901890 
Epigenetics Communications2730-7034CC BYEN10601290860 
EPJ Data Science2193-1127CC BYEN139016901190 
EPJ Quantum Technology2196-0763CC BYEN149016901290 
EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation2195-7045CC BYEN12901490990 
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing1687-6180CC BYEN135516651140 
EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing1687-4722CC BYEN133016351115 
EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing1687-5281CC BYEN135516651140 
EURASIP Journal on Information Security2510-523XCC BYEN785965660 
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking1687-1499CC BYEN135516651140 
European Journal of Futures Research2195-2248CC BYEN12901490990 
European Journal of Hybrid Imaging2510-3636CC BYEN179021901490 
European Journal of Medical Research2047-783XCC BY + CC0EN219026901790 
European Radiology Experimental2509-9280CC BYEN174521701480 
European Review of Aging and Physical Activity1861-6909CC BY + CC0EN199023901570 
European Transport Research Review1866-8887CC BYEN129015701060 
EvoDevo2041-9139CC BY + CC0EN189022901570 
Evolution: Education and Outreach1936-6434CC BY + CC0EN169019901390 
Experimental & Molecular Medicine2092-6413CC BYEN317037902690 
Experimental Hematology & Oncology2162-3619CC BY + CC0EN229026901990 
Eye and Vision2326-0254CC BY + CC0ENsee websitesee websitesee website
Fashion and Textiles2198-0802CC BYEN139016901190 
Fertility Research and Practice2054-7099CC BY + CC0EN189022901570 
Financial Innovation2199-4730CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Fire Ecology1933-9747CC BYEN169020901290 
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences2234-1757CC BYEN169019901390 
Fixed Point Theory and Applications2730-5422CC BYEN11901490990 
Fluids and Barriers of the CNS2045-8118CC BY + CC0EN239028902090 
Food Production, Processing and Nutrition2661-8974CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Forest Ecosystems2197-5620CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Friction2223-7704CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Frontiers in Zoology1742-9994CC BY + CC0EN219026901790 
Frontiers of Business Research in China1673-7431CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Functional Composite Materials2522-5774CC BYEN8601060690 
Fungal Biology and Biotechnology2054-3085CC BY + CC0EN179021901490 
Future Business Journal2314-7210CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Future Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences2314-7253CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Genes & Nutrition1865-3499CC BY + CC0EN249030602190 
Genes and Environment1880-7062CC BY + CC0EN187022901570 
Genetics Selection Evolution1297-9686CC BY + CC0EN149518351175 
Genome Biology1474-760XCC BY + CC0EN399048903290 
Genome Medicine1756-994XCC BY + CC0EN368044803060 
Genus2035-5556CC BYEN10601290860 
Geochemical Transactions1467-4866CC BY + CC0EN11901390990 
Geoenvironmental Disasters2197-8670CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Geoscience Letters2196-4092CC BYEN10601190860 
Geothermal Energy2195-9706CC BYEN139016901190 
Global Health Research and Policy2397-0642CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Globalization and Health1744-8603CC BY + CC0EN219026901890 
Green Technology, Resilience, and Sustainability2731-3425CC BYEN10601290860 
Gut Pathogens1757-4749CC BY + CC0EN219026901790 
Gynecological Surgery1613-2084CC BYEN149017901290 
Harm Reduction Journal1477-7517CC BY + CC0EN239028901990 
Head & Face Medicine1746-160XCC BY + CC0EN209024901790 
Health & Justice2194-7899CC BY + CC0EN11901390990 
Health and Quality of Life Outcomes1477-7525CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
Health Economics Review2191-1991CC BY + CC0EN199023901690 
Health Research Policy and Systems1478-4505CC BY + CC0EN219026901790 
Helgoland Marine Research1438-3888CC BYEN179021901490 
Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice1897-4287CC BY + CC0EN209024901790 
Hereditas1601-5223CC BY + CC0EN179021901490 
Heritage Science2050-7445CC BY + CC0EN149017901290 
Horticulture Research2052-7276CC BYEN170022501500 
Human Genome Variation2054-345XCC BYEN209024901790 
Human Genomics1479-7364CC BY + CC0EN219026901890 
Human Resources for Health1478-4491CC BY + CC0EN229028901990 
Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences2192-1962CC BYEN157018701290 
Humanities and Social Sciences Communications2662-9992CC BYEN10601290990 
IMA Fungus2210-6359CC BYEN176521401550 
Immunity & Ageing1742-4933CC BY + CC0EN229027901990 
Implementation Science1748-5908CC BY + CC0EN239028902090 
Implementation Science Communications2662-2211CC BY + CC0EN154018751255 
Infectious Agents and Cancer1750-9378CC BY + CC0EN219026901890 
Infectious Diseases and Therapy2193-6382CC BY-NCEN5250 (RSF)6000 (RSF)4100 (RSF) 
Infectious Diseases of Poverty2049-9957CC BY + CC0EN199023901690 
Inflammation and Regeneration1880-8190CC BYEN182021751485 
Injury Epidemiology2197-1714CC BY + CC0EN158019501390 
Innovation and Education2524-8502CC BYEN10001230785 
Insights into Imaging1869-4101CC BYEN199023901690 
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental2197-425XCC BYEN199024901690 
Intereconomics1613-964XCC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
International Breastfeeding Journal1746-4358CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
International Journal for Educational Integrity1833-2595CC BY + CC0EN790990690 
International Journal for Equity in Health1475-9276CC BY + CC0EN229028901990 
International Journal of Anthropology and Ethnology2366-1003CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
International Journal of Arrhythmia2466-1171CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity1479-5868CC BY + CC0EN228027801980 
International Journal of Bipolar Disorders2194-7511CC BYEN199023901690 
International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy2288-6729CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
International Journal of Coal Science & Technology2198-7823CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials2234-1315CC BYEN139016901190 
International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility2366-0074CC BYEN790990690 
International Journal of Disaster Risk Science2192-6395CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education2365-9440CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
International Journal of Emergency Medicine1865-1380CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
International Journal of Food Contamination2196-2804CC BY + CC0EN169019901390 
International Journal of Geo-Engineering2198-2783CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
International Journal of Health Geographics1476-072XCC BY + CC0EN239028901990 
International Journal of Implant Dentistry2198-4034CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering2198-2791CC BYEN11901390990 
International Journal of Mental Health Systems1752-4458CC BY + CC0EN219026901890 
International Journal of Oral Science2049-3169CC BYEN268032902290 
International Journal of Retina and Vitreous2056-9920CC BY + CC0EN10601290860 
International Journal of STEM Education2196-7822CC BYEN119014901060 
IPSJ Transactions on Computer Vision and Applications1882-6695CC BYEN8401029662 
Irish Veterinary Journal2046-0481CC BY + CC0EN199023901790 
ISME Communications2730-6151CC BYEN199023801690 
Israel Journal of Health Policy Research2045-4015CC BY + CC0EN187022901570 
Italian Journal of Pediatrics1824-7288CC BY + CC0EN174521451370 
JA Clinical Reports2363-9024CC BYEN149018901290 
Journal for Labour Market Research2510-5027CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Journal of Advanced Ceramics2227-8508CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Journal of Analytical Science and Technology2093-3371CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Journal of Anesthesia, Analgesia and Critical Care2731-3786CC BYEN154018751255 
Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology2049-1891CC BY + CC0EN140017201100 
Journal of Applied Volcanology2191-5040CC BY + CC0EN139015701190 
Journal of Big Data2196-1115CC BYEN129015701060 
Journal of Biological Engineering1754-1611CC BY + CC0EN189023901570 
Journal of Biological Research-Thessaloniki2241-5793CC BY + CC0EN169019901490 
Journal of Biomedical Science1423-0127CC BY + CC0ENsee websitesee websitesee website
Journal of Biomedical Semantics2041-1480CC BY + CC0EN129014901190 
Journal of Cannabis Research2522-5782CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery1749-8090CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance1532-429XCC BY + CC0EN217026801870 
Journal of Cheminformatics1758-2946CC BY + CC0EN169020901290 
Journal of Clinical Movement Disorders2054-7072CC BY + CC0EN199024901690 
Journal of Cloud Computing2192-113XCC BYEN10601290990 
Journal of Congenital Cardiology2056-7251CC BY + CC0EN157018901390 
Journal of Cotton Research2523-3254CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Journal of Eating Disorders2050-2974CC BY + CC0EN139015701190 
Journal of Ecology and Environment2288-1220CC BYEN169020901290 
Journal of Economic Structures2193-2409CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Journal of Electrical Systems and Information Technology2314-7172CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Journal of Engineering and Applied Science2536-9512CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Journal of Ethnic Foods2352-6181CC BYENsee websitesee websitesee website
Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine1746-4269CC BY + CC0EN219026901890 
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