Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/ Certificate is a kind of small piece of digital encryption key or information of an organization’s website. SSL certificate ensures the secure transmission of information between server and browser window where from website is accessing.

SSL encryption key information is transmit through HTTPS. HTTPS stands for hyper text transfer protocol secure. HTTPS ensures the security of channel established between server and browser window.

Types of SSL/TLS Certificates

Generally SSL is either free or paid.

The free SSL is called as Domain Validation (DV).

Paid SSL is of two types 1. Organizational Validation (OV), and 2. Extended Validation(EV).

How to check SSL is enabled or not?

During accessing of any TLS/SSL enabled website you can see the padlock symbol in front of address bar of the browser. By clicking on padlock symbol a message will be displayed about the secure connection with the website.

SSL Certificate Padlock symbol before address bar of the browser window
SSL enabled website shows padlock symbol before address bar of browser window

You can check any website address or URL here whether it is SSL enabled or not?

How SSL provides Security?

The SSL/TLS enabled website create secure (encrypted) connection between your browser window and server, so that every information you enter on website is encrypted before leaving your browser window.

  • The encryption method is latest enough to prevent attacks practiced by the hackers.
  • The SSL encryption reduces the chances of interception of information during transmission. SSL/TLS uses https:// protocol instead of http://.
  • SSL secures various e-commerce platforms for day to day payment transactions e.g. Credit Card transactions, internet banking transactions etc.
  • SSL encrypts almost all shared personal information like contact number, email ids, residential address or office address any many more over social media platforms or e-commerce platforms.
  • SSL secure your data transfer ports by various emails clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Microsoft Exchange.
  • SSL secure accessing of cPanel, Hosting Admin Pages from your browser window and server you are using.
  • SSL also secure the video chat and multimedia chat platforms like Whatsapp, Skype, Hangout.
  • SSL encrypts the connection of uploading and downloading files while using File Transfer Protocol(FTP).

Does SSL boost search engine rankings?

SSL/TLS or HTTPS has several other benefits also. SSL enabled websites are preferable to search engines to rank on top instead of non SSL or HTTP only websites.

Enabling website with secure socket layer certificate would help to do SEO of your website.

Major search engines like GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO, DUCKDUCKGO etc. prefer secure(SSL/TLS/HTTPS enabled) websites to index first on their search results.

Why Search Engine Prefer SSL enabled websites to rank on top?

The clear reason is to provide users secure websites, where users have no chances of loosing personal information.

This practice build trust among search engine users and let users come back again and again.

How to get SSL for my website?

One can get the TLS/SSL certificate for his/her existing SSL website to get it secured from various online vulnerabilities created by hackers. The steps are as follows:

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