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How to Make Perfect Slow Motion [Explained]

how to achieve perfect slow motion

how to achieve perfect slow motion

Upcoming cameras are now offering features to record your videos on higher frame rates so that beautiful slow motion can be achieved while editing. Follow the below formula to achieve smooth slow motion from your footage in the editing room for ideal results.

What is ‘frames per second’ or ‘fps’ in the video?

As we know frames are nothing but still photos, and a collection of photos (frames) makes the video. The motions are captured in the photos and frame by frame changes reflect on the screen and create the illusion of motion.

This motion is called as video. Video recording cameras can record multiple frames(photos) in seconds. The ability to shoot (capture) the number of frames in 1 second is called the frame rate.

Photos captured in 1 second = Frame Rate of Camera

Frame rate is nothing but the speed at which the camera can capture photos in one second. Modern cameras can capture from 24 frames per second to 960 frames per second or higher.

List of cameras which can shoot 4K(UHD) video at 60p

What are available frame rates in cameras?

Usually, digital cameras are having the following common frame rates available to shoot videos. Some cameras support lower 30fps only for 4K UHD videos, and some are up to 120fps for FHD videos.

Ideal percentage (%) to slow down videos of these frame rates

Here is the formula with the help of you can calculate the exact buttery smooth slow motion from listed frame rates. you can put the frame rates at which video captured and how much percentage you can slow down for ideal results.

The formula

Slow Motion(%) = 24/ Frames per second(fps)

OR, you can follow the below table to slow down the percentage for standard frame rates in most cameras.

The slow motion percentages

30fps = 80%

48fps = 50%

60fps = 40%

80fps = 30%

96fps = 25%

100fps = 24%

120fps = 20%

150fps = 16%

180fps = 13%

240fps = 10%

480fps = 5%

960fps = 3%


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