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Python code to control mouse cursor and click

These few lines of code will help control the mouse cursor and clicking.

import cv2 as cv
import mediapipe as mp
import pyautogui as gui

# Step 1 
cap = cv.VideoCapture(0)
hand_detector =
drawing_utils =
screen_width, screen_height = gui.size()

while True:
    _, frame
    frame = cv.flip(frame,1)
    frame_height, frame_width, _ = frame.shape
    rgb_frame = cv.cvtColor(frame, cv.COLOR_BGR2RGB)
    output = hand_detector.process(rgb_frame)
    hands = output.multi_hand_landmarks
    if hands:
        for hand in hands:
            drawing_utils.draw_landmarks(frame, hand)
            landmarks = hand.landmark
            for id, landmark in enumerate(landmarks):
                x = int(landmark.x*frame_width)
                y = int(landmark.y*frame_height)

                if id==8:
          , center=(x,y), radius=10, color=(0,255,150))
                    index_x = screen_width/frame_width*x
                    index_y = screen_height/frame_height*y
                if id==4:
          , center=(x,y), radius=10, color=(0,255,150))
                    thumb_x = screen_width/frame_width*x
                    thumb_y = screen_height/frame_height*y
                    if abs(index_y-thumb_y)<22 or abs(index_x-thumb_x)<22:
    cv.imshow('Virtual Mouse', frame)
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