A patch antenna or microstrip antenna is a narrowband, wide-band antenna. It is additionally called a printed antenna. It has two dimensional actual calculation. The easiest patch antenna utilizes a patch that is one-half frequency long, with the goal that the metal surface goes about as a resonator also to the half-wave dipole antennas.

A patch antenna is normally manufactured by mounting a moulded metal sheet on a protecting dielectric substrate, for example, a printed circuit board, with a constant metal layer clung to the contrary side of the substrate which frames a ground plane.

Consequently, it is not difficult to plan and economical to make. Some patch antennas don’t utilize a dielectric substrate and are rather made of a metal patch mounted over a ground plane utilizing dielectric spacers.

The subsequent design is less rough however has a more extensive data transfer capacity. Patch antennas can be planned from the UHF band to as high as 100 GHz.

Normal patch antenna shapes are square, rectangular, round and circular. Anyway, the shape isn’t limited. Any constant shape is achievable. Patch antennas are precisely rough and can be formed to adjust to the bending skin of a vehicle.

They are frequently mounted on the outside of aeroplanes and shuttle or are fused into portable radio specialized gadgets. They have high polarization variety and can be utilized for various feed focuses.

Advantages of Microstrip Patch Antenna

  • High precision in assembling, the plan is executed by Photo etching.
  • Simple to incorporate with different gadgets.
  • Little measured pertinent for handheld versatile gadgets.
  • We can get high directivity utilizing microstrip arrays.
  • A variety of microstrip antennas can be utilized to shape an example that is hard to combine utilizing a solitary component.
  • Smart antennas when joined with stage shifters or PIN-diode switches.

Disadvantages of Microstrip Patch Antenna

  • Narrow bandwidth (1%), while mobiles need (8%).
  • Low proficiency, particularly for short circuited microstrip antenna.
  • Some taking care of strategies like gap and closeness coupling are hard to manufacture.
  • A cluster endures presence of feed network diminishing effectiveness.
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