Mobile phone is the next skin of people. From alarming the first ray of sun to doing small office tasks, like checking emails, sending instructions to office teams, attending zoom calls to stay entertained by listening to music or watching favourite movies and shows on Netflix and amazon prime.

Mobile phone is very much personal space nowadays. So keeping it intact, fast and long live is everyone’s desire. Here i am sharing top 10 tips and tricks to boost life of your mobile phone and get most out of its capabilities for long time keeping it as fast as its configuration allowed.

So let’s go…

1. Do not update it’s software

Almost all mobile phone brands pre activated automatic software update settings. Whenever a smart phone manufacturer launches new phone. They tested it’s hardware with the latest available or can be said currently available software version.

Before launch mobile phone manufacturer strictly ensures that the software installed in the mobile phone should work without any hassle. They also keep in mind that with new smart phone everyone keeps eye on the performance of the device.

So this thing clearly shows the combination of software and hardware is most compatible at the time of mobile device launch. All user do not understand this concept because they aren’t belong to technology or how technical things work.

Let’s understand with easy example: any new vehicle tested all its parts to give best performance either in terms of milage or in terms of speed or comfort. At the time of testing combination of different parts are in most compatible combination to give best performance.

Any changes made after sometime e.g. Changing Tyres, engine, gearboxes or its outer body can affect its performance.

So making changes in its original combination (company fitted) will affect its performance.

Similarly, every new version of software or operating system are upgraded according to the latest hardware or technology available that time (not as per old hardware). For example: Mobile software (operating system) designed for 4G phones will not work properly with 3G phones. Because technology has been changed.

Conclusion: Keep your mobile with the software(OS) version came along when you bought it. Turn off the setting of auto software update.

2. Don’t let phone’s battery fully discharge

3. Let your phone to sleep everyday for sometime

4. Keep it away from body as long as possible

5. Don’t keep it loaded with data fully and always

6. Invest into safeguarding its screen and body

7. Avoid pressing physical buttons frequently

8. Do not connect phone with AUX pin (3.5mm connector) of home theatre

9. Uninstall useless apps

10. Use licensed antivirus/ anti-malware for optimum security


11. Remove unnecessary app permissions for mic and camera

12. Take advantages of cloud storage

13. Activate “locate my device and erase data” feature

14. Keep “Sync” feature on with Google account for upto date contacts

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